About us

‘The best view comes after the hardest climb’


Maximum innovation and creativity

David Holmes

Peak15 is a family owned business with Proprietor and Chairman David Holmes at the helm. We are proud to be forward thinking and inclusive – an organisation that strives to go beyond the obvious.

We support adults with learning disabilities. But our ethos, our raison d’etre is much more than that. It is about enabling people to live rich lives of real purpose.

Over the last few years there have been some positive structural changes that give people with learning disabilities the chance to have greater choice and control over their lives. But the people we support tell us they want more than that. There is still a gap between people with learning disabilities and other citizens and we want to close that gap.

We believe that we are all custodians of the Peak15 vision – it is the decisions that all of us make, big and small, in the board room or in the kitchen, that make the difference. The journey to independence never ends.

Our mission statement

We will:

Advocate passionately and confidently for the people we support, our staff and our values.

Bring maximum innovation and creativity to campaign for everyone to have the opportunity to live a rich life of real purpose, whatever that means to them.

Nurture a high-quality team of outstanding people with strong values and progress forward with complete unity of purpose, challenging the status quo.

Our values


To promote personal growth and independence, achieved through learning and development, empowerment and the promotion of self-belief


To show commitment to all our people


To be brave and passionate, pursue excellence in all that we do and deliver great user-led outcomes


To strive to enjoy the pursuit of our mission, for its own sake and through celebrating the achievement of excellence


To be honest, open, and to build relationships based on trust

To take and generate pleasure and contentment in all that we do, for its own sake
To strive to always find a better way and challenge the status quo

Our Peak15 team

Our people are everything.

We employ some truly incredible people, some of whom have been with us since the start. To be part of Peak15 is to embrace creativity and it’s no coincidence that we employ people with a big heart. Everyone at Peak15 is encouraged to operate without ego, to take responsibility, to be honest and to have a strong moral and ethical code. Experience tells us that people who share our values stay at Peak15.