A trailblazing social enterprise organisation

set up by Peak15 to create true equality for people with learning disabilities.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to revolutionise life opportunities and experiences for people with learning disabilities, to create true equality between people with learning disabilities and other citizens.

Our trailblazing organisation raises expectations about what people can achieve by creating a no limits philosophy.

We aim to influence and energise people to be imaginative, adventurous, and experimental within their lives.

We provide The Big life Adventure (BLA) planning and development pathway which starts with a conversation and takes people on a unique journey of discovery in nine domains of their life. It supports people to explore the possible and express long-term aspirations.

A person’s BLA is supported by highly-trained guides. The BLA provides full guide training and equips them to support the journey.

The BLA uses exciting technology tools to plan, record and share a person journey.  These tools promote digital inclusion for people with learning disabilities.  They include assessable tools to plan and guide a person’s journey, multimedia tools to record and a secure social media platform for people to share their journey and give people social opportunity.

We also provide the Big life Events (BLE) service, which facilitates opportunities and experiences for people with learning disabilities in Surrey and Sussex. BLE aims to ensure that people with disabilities have the opportunity to experience exciting social, leisure and learning events just like other citizens.

We passionately advocate for people to live limitless lives and aim to challenge conventional ideas of what people with learning disability should and could do with their lives.

We are a social enterprise, so we seek to enrich our society.  We add value to peoples’ lives though the work we do.  We support people to be more independent and reduce support hours.  We reinvest most of what we earn.  We deliver great outcomes for people, and for society as a whole.

For more information

Contact the Managing Director of BL Adventure, Alexis Ali, on 01293 826200 or email alexis.ali@peak15support.co.uk